Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Changing seasons

Well, we've been so lucky these past weeks. Since our return from Sweden, the days have been hot hot hot and the skies almost cloudless. How easy it is to keep the kiddos entertained when the weather is great - a splash pool in the garden and sand box can keep them busy for a couple of hours. Visits to the park, farm and swimming pool are other easy options as well for us.
But slowly things are changing. The nights are much cooler (thankfully - I hate being too hot at night) and the mornings have a damp cool feel about them (which reminds me of camping holidays as a child and the feeling when you step out of the tent/caravan first thing in the morning). The trees are looking a little tired now and the lush green is now darkening. Autumn / Fall / Herfst (whatever you call it) is not too far away.
Which brings me nicely onto the idea of some new purchases for the change of season. I have seen a few US blogs showing great items from JCrew, Banana Republic, etc - sadly not available to me here in the Netherlands (not even by mail order!). However, I have got my eye on a couple of items from Boden which I can see myself wearing over the next few months. These cut -off trousers look great (very Audrey Hepburn) and this dress looks so pretty. And, I have a 10% discount offer which makes them even more appealing.

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