Monday, 31 August 2009

Rumour has it

Starbucks is hitting the Netherlands at last! Well, in "prime railway stations", so that's a start.
Currently they have a roasting plant at the port in Amsterdam; a couple of outlets in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport shopping Plaza and one at Terminal 1; at the Nike European HQ in Hilversum (for employees only) and Utrecht Station. This month a new one opens in Amsterdam Centraal Station (3 in Amsterdam - that's a bit greedy don't you think?). And we've waited a long time for these.
I know there's been a bit of a backlash in the US recently against 'corporate coffee bars', and that huge numbers of stores have closed. But just as soon as one opens in my local station, Eindhoven, I'll be there.
Now I quite enjoy sitting at a Dutch cafe having a 'koffie verkeered' (cafe latte), but its small and often in a glass (I really don't like my coffee in a glass) - but you do get a cookie with it!. But I really do enjoy a coffee to go (preferably Starbucks). And so, when we fly out of Amsterdam or Dusseldorf (Germany), stopping for a Starbucks on route is part of the trip. When arriving in the US for vacations, we stop at the first Starbucks we come across and just love it (yes, we are cheering in the car!). Tall for me, Grande for my huzz and a hot chocolate for Luca. We usually pick up a few of their new mugs for at home as well as some coffee, so you could say we're fans. Hurry up and get to Eindhoven please Starbucks, we are ready and waiting.

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  1. nice blog you got and your are a coffe fan just like me, wonderful


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