Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Children's colouring books

My son Luca has been off sick from school for a couple of days, and so to keep him occupied, but without overdoing it (he is sick of course) I picked up a couple of new activity books for him. Nothing special, and to be honest most of the stuff he's seen and done before so they'll probably get discarded pretty quickly. But this evening whilst browsing on Bloesem Kids blog, I read a lovely 'mom story' which mentioned these two authors/illustrators of colouring/drawing books and now I am on a mission to get a few.
Charley Harper - The American modernist artist and illustrator has produced some beautiful books based on nature and in particular, birds. The Deluxe Colouring book looks so classic and simple.
Rosie Flo's. - Lovely drawings that require children to use their imagination and draw in body parts to the outlined dresses or figures, in all kinds of situations involving music, gardens, kitchen, games etc. There are 8 books for girls and 2 for boys (action-led figures). There are also a couple of posters to colour as well.

Looks like another Amazon order might be on the cards!

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