Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another magazine bites the dust

I have just found out that my favourite parenting magazine Cookie, published (or not) by Condé Nast is closing (or has closed). Boo. I started buying this great magazine whilst living in Portand OR a few years ago, and continued with a subscription back in the Netherlands. So loved receiving this in the post and keeping my US connection going. It always had loads of cool stuff for mums, dads and kids from across the pond. Sometimes a bit pretentious with ridiculously priced clothing for kids and totally over-the-top designer rooms. But great fashion ideas for mums, gift ideas, interviews, recipes etc. Hoping that the great Cookie website stands a chance of keeping going. I'll just have to keep looking at my pile of back issues.
Another favourite US magazine of mine was Domino (also a Condé Nast one) - interior design and style magazine - but this also closed earlier this year. I did so love getting my monthly fix of all new things in the mail and spending an hour on the sofa, big cup of tea and catching up. Now need to keep my eyes open for what other magazine I'd like to subscribe to. Top of the list could be the UK's 'Living etc", or Red magazine. Any other tips from the top - UK or US?


  1. Hi Victoria
    Love your blog. I'm in the UK but spend quite a lot of money on US import magazines. I'm a bit of an addict. I usually get Martha Stewart Living and the Kids one when I can. I also quite like Donna Hay's magazine. I think it's called real simple.

    Do you get Junior magazine? That's really good I think. They have a website.

    Living etc is quite good, plus I always get Red and Easy Living. And Elle Deco!

  2. Hi Alison aka deerbaby. Thanks for the tip re Junior - never come across it before. I've signed up for the online site and I'll have a good look at that first. I think I might be heading for a Martha magazine - so many to choose from though!

  3. I really love Real Simple. I highly recommend it!



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