Saturday, 28 November 2009

Home fragrances

It's Saturday evening. It's cold and wet outside. The kiddos are sleeping. We have a log fire burning. The candles are glowing and the Huzz and I are..... half watching Strictly Come Dancing and on our Macs! How romantic is that? Huzz is sorting his recent photos and I'm browsing the blogs.
Anyway, back to those glowing candles. The room always looks so cosy with some lighted candles and I seem to get through huge numbers in the winter time. Mine are nothing special today, just some deep brown aged ones decorating the fire place. But I've been looking around at some of the most gorgeous scented ones recently and there are some beautities. Here are a few favourites that have caught my eye that would be lovely Christmas gifts (heads up anyone pondering what I might like this year!).
I'm not one for room fragrance sprays and plug-in things that puff out some kind of fake smell - they seem to pollute the air and make me choke a bit actually. However, I do love these subtle room scent diffusers that you can regulate by adding or removing the reeds. They look so lovely too. One of my favourites is by Antica Farmacista - Peonia, Gardinia, Rosa. Their bottles are particuarly beautiful too.


  1. What a nice image of you two on a Saturday night. We put up our Christmas tree and decorations...
    -A Modern Mother

  2. Lovely picture of you snuggling by the fire ...even with the Macs! I love scented candles - a friend just gave me a Crabtree and Evelyn one called, I think, Windsor forest - lovely and Christmassy


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