Monday, 30 November 2009

Pipped at the post

Don't you get a bit pee'd off when you have a great idea for a blog (undoubtedly the most inspiring blog post ever !) and you're just a tad slow off the blocks in getting something done about it. And then ... bummer you find the very same idea on someone elses blog. Then of course you feel like you can't post your fantastic inspiring blog after all as it would look like copying! It's happened a few times to me and tonight, Martha Stewart (of all people) just emailed half the world some festive ideas very similar (well it is that time of year I guess) that I'd also been planning. Planned blog post now in the trash! Well, how on earth can I compete with the domestic expert? Lesson learned: must blog faster!


  1. Actually you can still blog the story from your own angle and it won't be a copy cat. It's your original and with your own pictures, you don't have to worry.

  2. Martha Stewart? You have a telekinetic connection to Martha Stewart? Haha.


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