Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A little bit of leather

Huzz and I have been working on dropping a few lbs (or kilos I should say - I still find it so hard to think in kilos). Me to generally shape up a bit (baby weight), and Huzz to shift some extra padding that has somehow crept on the past year or so (think too much travel, too many tortillas and Maltesers - actually the last two count for both of us). We were spurred on after viewing this year's summer holiday photos and seeing that we weren't quite a trim as we thought we were!
To give us a bit of encouragment, we agreed that when we reached our goals we'd reward ourselves. Well, why not? We're not eating as much, so we have a few extra Euros in the bank for a little goodie or two! Huzz promised himself a new lense for his Nikon (not sure he's eating that much less). And, I'm going for a leather jacket.
Well, the kilos have dropped from Huzz like water off a duck's back. He is now almost the same weight he was in his early 20s - I didn't know him then, so can only believe he's telling the truth - and he's looking gooooood! And I'm almost there too. Not good timing really with all that feasting we'll be doing over Christmas, but at least we are starting at a better position than before the weight loss.
So now I'm in the market for a leather jacket. Only half a kilo to go!
Belstaff "Amelia"
Had we won the lottery I would probably be heading straight over to Belstaff - such cool styles (Hilary Swank is wearing a really great looking Belstaff in the movie "Amelia" - above). But as we haven't won, I'll be setting my sights a smidgen lower. Here are a few (various price ranges) that have caught my eye on the web. Who knows what they are like in 'real life'. Good, reasonably priced leather jackets are not the easiest things to buy. Sometimes the 'not so expensive' leather is just plain nasty (too hard, too thin) or the cut wrong or the zipper two clunky etc etc. I know I'll need to try on a whole range before finding 'mine' but here's a start - just need to lose that half a kilo before putting in my order.
Both above by Next
Burberry @ Net-a-Porter


  1. WOW, it's good to hear both of you have lost weight. Most of the time, the diets are not working so it is a change to hear good news. Half a kilo is nothing - don't drink a cup of water and that should be half kilo gone right?? Ha hA YOU Ddeserve the leather jacket - so how about some model shots like the one you have on your post today

  2. Tomorrow I shall skip a couple of cups of tea and that should tip the balance! Don't think you'll be seeing any pictures of me though - I really don't like to have my picture taken!

  3. I like the next one! Half a kilo, not far to go...

  4. Isn't it funny that feasting and fasting are spelled in almost the exact same way? Yay for the leather jackets. I have one, too, but it's getting too cold around the bum area now to where it. Interestingly, that wouldn't have stopped me a few years ago. I am getting old, I guess.

  5. I have a bomber leather jacket which I've had for years! Need to recycle mine though, its a little old school. Love those ones, esp. the belstaff! Great picks:) x LZ


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