Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm making a list, checking it twice.....

After the craziness of last week = Sinterklaas parties (x 3) and Luca's 7th birthday celebrations (x 3), this week is proving to be a bit less hectic. However, the lists are growing in preparation for Christmas. Presents to buy for family in the UK. Presents to buy from family in the UK for our kiddos (why do I agree to do this?). Presents to buy for the Huzz and kiddos. Present for the teacher. Present for the creche ladies at the gym who take such lovely care of Ruby while I try and shape-up. Present for the extra dutch reading lady who is getting Luca fired up to read more and more. My oh my!
Not forgetting that all important guest on Christmas Day - the turkey - that needs to be ordered.
My BF is arriving on Christmas Eve with her hubby, so sorting out the guest room is a necessity as you can't see the bed for gift wrap, presents and laundry!
Deciding what toys to now pass onto the kringloop (2nd hand / charity shop) to be enjoyed by other kiddies so that we don't drown in the excessive pressies that the kiddos will receive.
In no particular order, I am muddling my way through them all.
I'm starting to stockpile chocolates and nuts and other yummy things to be munched on during cosy evenings watching movies and inter-couple Wii challenges (watch out The Letley Team, we are geared up to thrash you at bowling). I remember my mum would also buy huge numbers of tinned and boxed chocolates that would magically appear on Christmas morning, covering the sideboard. Seems like this chocolate buying frenzy is something that is inbred! I suppose there could be worse things eh?
We are off to buy our tree tomorrow (love it when the tree is up don't you?). My favourite is the Blue Spruce with its silvery greeny blue needles, lovely scent, and its pretty good at not shedding its needles too soon, even with a 15 month old who I know will be half-way up it given half the chance!
Happy Christmas shopping everyone.

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  1. C'mas sure seems too much work but I guess it must be worth all the effort when family and friends are together especially on the cold nights. C'mas is not a big celebration here although the shopping malls get "dressed" up. Real c'mas trees are a rarity here, and very very expensive. Ours is just artificial but when decorated, it looks good. But I think the scent of real C'mas trees will be lovely.


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