Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ghosts of Christmas decorations past

Our front door
When the Huzz and I had our very first home and our very first Christmas tree together in 2001 there was a bit of a clash in tree decorating styles.
Over the years, I'd collected all kinds of colourful decorations, new, vintage, from childhood, home made, from parents etc, and had naturally assumed we would continue to decorate our tree in all this finery. And so I did. DISASTER! "We can't have our tree with all that on. It gives me a headache. It completely destroys my karma." were his words! I was more than a little shocked. So harsh! I had been used to this kind of tree ever since childhood (and with extra added tinsel, chocolates and mini-crackers in those days!). But I gave in. And I have to say it was for the better.
Since 2001 (when I completely stripped down the tree and went shopping), our Christmas tree has been dressed in only silver decorations of various size and design and white lights. Our decorations in the living room are just a few huge glass balls in silver and red hanging by the window, and candles, silver branches and pinecones on the fire place. The wreath decorating the front door is made from twigs with silver jingle bells. I love it. And the Huzz's karmer is still intact! Elle Deco eat your heart out!
Those of you who love a fully loaded tree, do not despair. My motley collection of decorations from Christmas's past have not been thrown out or donated, and they do not sit lonely in a box in the attic remembering how they were once admired. Oh no, we have our 2nd tree for the kiddos, which gets the full on treatment now. Not only does it get covered with all my old treasures, but even more now that Luca comes home from school with the most "creative" of decorations imaginable. Candy canes are piled on top of the decorations and if you're lucky and you're standing at a certain angle, you can just about get a glimpse of a little green tree staggering to hold itself upright underneath. But we shy away from the tinsel these days!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way......


  1. Mine is still wallowing in the loft. I'm too old and decrepit now to bother dragging out the steps and bringing it all down. I could ask younger son to pop in and get it down for me I suppose, but as all my children are now grown up, (and I hate the way the room looks after you have to take everything down) I might just stay with my little rocking reindeer on the fireplace hearth. Miserable so and so aren't I?

  2. I have given up on keeping the tree my way. From this year, it's the kids' tree. I have the little fake one in the kitchen.

  3. Mwa - I almost gave in as well, as my son kept stealing my decorations for his tree and mine was beginning to look a bit sparse. I stole them back whilst he was at school yesterday and he hasn't noticed yet!


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