Monday, 23 November 2009

A story of how Sinterklaas made a mistake (aka - Mama screwed up!)

My lovely son Luca has been religiously leaving out his shoe by the fireplace each night for the past week in the hope that Sinterklaas or Zwarte Piet (see 'He's Here' below) will leave something in it. That something is usually a few little sweets, pepernoten cookies or occasionally a little gift. Well, Luca has been asking for a Stabilo move easy-ergo pen (ergonomically designed for children learning to write) to use at school. Other children in his class have them apparently and so he wanted one.
Sounded like a good idea to me. I'm all for encouraging writing practice etc. So I dutifully found the said pen and it looked great. Yesterday evening I (read Sinterklaas) wrapped it nicely and stuck it in his shoe. And this morning he was flying high. So excited. Biggest smile. "I really wanted one of these". And whole A4 page covered in words before school! Go Luca!
He took his lovely new pen to school and waited patiently (my son and patience do not sit easily together!) to show his teacher. So proud. Teacher asked if it was a pen (stift in dutch) and then said that the other children had pencil (potlood in dutch) ones to use! What? Ahhhh! The disappointment on his face. He carefully put his lovely new pen away in his pencil case and got his boring old regular pencil out for the days work. I felt so sad for him. I said that maybe Sinterklaas didn't know exactly what he had to find and that I would try to get him the pencil one today. What else can I do?
And now the rain is coming down in sheets it' s so bloody miserable out. But I shall don my wettest weather gear and take Ruby into town to search high and low for the right Stabilo pencil for my boy. We will not return empty handed! Anything to put back that smile Luca had on his face first thing this morning.
The Ending.... Said pencil Stabilo is located and purchased! To be delivered by Sinterklaas tonight so he gets all the praise and not mama (who got drenched whilst out looking for it)! Things we do for our kiddies eh!


  1. Oh poor little man, hope you find the pencil for him.

  2. As I read the Blog-Post-Title is laughed out loud. It took me a minute or two to recover. But then, as I went further...I felt to disappointment and soooo sorry for Luca. But you've made it up big time. ( a Dutch mum I saw Sinterklaas in your sidebar and of course I had to know how you celebrate that. And yes...I'm back, as promised. And I'm planning to stay a bit longer. This is so interesting).


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