Sunday, 22 November 2009

Treating myself

I remember the days when I was single, living and working in London and had only myself to spend my cash on. Something new to wear out on Friday night - no problem. Another pair of black shoes - why not? I thought it nothing to pop into Space.NK. and choose some lovely new lotions and potions, make-up, or nail varnish in my lunch break (all completely necessary of course). I can't even imagine how much cash I've spent on all those little purchases back then.
Times have changed. Or my way of spending has somewhat matured! I haven't had a facial for since last Christmas, or bought a new nail varnish for the past 8 months. This past two weeks I've been ecking out the last of my Aveda cleanser (love their natural products) - turning the bottle upside down and getting every last dribble out. Yesterday it was no more, so I really had to pop into the store for a new bottle. Ohhh so many lovely little bottles and tubes calling out to me! In addition, I just had to get a new eye cream to help with those dark circles and lines that are the result of not one single full nights sleep in the past 14 months (absolutely nothing to do with my Ruby who sleeps like a dream - back problems for me, but thats another story). Cha ching = €71 later! Whhaaat! Why are these products so much more expensive here than in the US and the UK?. Note to self - must do online shopping before next trip to the US or UK and bring back a whole stash of Aveda goodies.
Huzz has arranged a family photo-shoot in a couple of weeks (he is a fab photographer but of course never in the picture with us). But get this. The photographer is arriving at 8.30am on a Saturday morning - YES that's right - 8.30am !!! Huzz arranged it because at this time Ruby is most awake and lively - any later and she'll be hankering after a mid-morning snooze. But for me this is hell. Firstly, I hate having my picture taken (is that really how I look?) and at this time of the morning I will most certainly look half asleep still. I think my eye cream is justified don't you? I also think a couple of facials may be in order before the day as well. Otherwise, I hope the lighting is good and the photographer can do a bit of re-touching afterwards!

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  1. Hello, I remember those single days only too well. I love body washes and scrubes and had many different bottles in my singles bathroom -lemon, lavender, spa, passion fruit. Now its protex scrub and sometimes the hubby's shokabutso and that is being generous! Yes, you deserve a facial and a nice relaxing massage before the photo shoot.


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