Thursday, 31 December 2009


We've been to the movies to see 'A Christmas Carol'.
And now we are home.
Snow is beginning to fall again.
The Moet is chilling in the fridge.
The Boeuf Bourguignonne is about to be made.
The fire is lit.
The candles are glowing.
The tree is sparkling.
We are warm and cozy and ready to see in the new year at home together.
In the Netherlands New Year's Eve is called Oudejaarsavond - Old Years Evening. We will be remembering the old year and welcoming the new.
Fireworks are BIG in the Netherlands at new year. The noise, the smoke, the colours and the sparks explode and light up the night sky - everywhere!
Wishing you happiness in whatever you do this evening.
And wishing you all good things in 2010.


  1. Sounds so perfect! And I am such a sucker for fireworks. I would fit right in! Have a wonderful day and year!

  2. hi victoria! it´s nice to meet you! After 1 minute of reading- i´m hooked! happy new year! besos-jane


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