Saturday, 2 January 2010

Best bits of 2009

I've been tagged by the lovely Very Bored Housewife in sunny Spain to come up with 5 highlights of my 2009. How excited am I? I get so thrilled when someone mentions my newish blog or becomes a follower (thanks all 9 of you so far). So you must be able to imagine how I'm feeling now? Maybe you felt the same when you began your little blogs as well? Bit like that first date feeling - well maybe not quite! Enough of that...
Here goes - my favourite bits of 2009.
1. My little Ruby turning 1 year old in September. Kind of hard to believe that she had reached her first birthday and a little sad to be honest. Where had my little baby gone? But of so proud of her on her 1st birthday (and every day) in the cutest dress opening her pressies.
2. Florida vacation. Love love love the US and especially the Florida sunshine. Days spent on the white sandy beaches and in the crystal clear sea. We are BIG beach lovers and this was the most perfect time for us together, especially for my son Luca who is a beach boy through and through.
3. Celebrating 10 years since Huzz and I had our first date. Best 10 years of my life. Here's to the next 10 Huzz.
4. Best friend Elisha's wedding to Matthew. When all the guests were singing "The Wonder of You" by Elvis - brilliant (and tearful). Also, once I'd finished my speech - slight relief would be an understatement!
5 Snow at the beach just before Christmas. See post below. Amazing and wonderful and such fun. As said, we love the beach, even in a snow storm! Could've been a once in a lifetime experience as well (although maybe not with global warming and such).
And now to 5 more fab bloggers out there (if you haven't aleady been asked) what are your 5 highlights of 2009?
Happy 2010. Keep on blogging!


  1. Hello, I found you through Westendmum. Happy New year to you.
    I love your picture of Ruby, she is gorgeous. :0)

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful year. ok, now i have to think. hugs!

  3. Victoria! How lovely is your little Ruby!!??? Thanks for tagging me, that's super sweet. My highlights of 2009 have been to move to London and start this blog:) It's crazy how writing an entry everyday and receiving comments can perk up my day. Otherwise, I'm grateful for my new bike, Notting Hill, London in the spring and Leon's new chili con carne recipe:) Happy new year! xxx LZ

  4. Hello, thanks for tagging me, I will think on the 5 best things of 2009 and blog on them when I can. Ruby is beautiful.
    WEM x

  5. What a gorgeous little girl, and her name... Ruby so great!


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