Sunday, 3 January 2010

Top sellers of the decade

Wow, 10 years since the turn of the millennium! Where did that go? When we moved into 2000 I was on an all girls ski holiday in France. Huzz was in Wales. We weren't then dating. Ten years later and we have lived together in the UK, US and Netherlands. We have 2 fabulous kiddos. A wonderful home and life together. How the years fly by when you're having fun!
Huzz is a great lover of statistics (and not just my vital ones either!). On new years day he was amusing himself with checking out the book, film and music stats for past decade.
What have we (in the UK) been watching at the movies, reading and listening to during the past 10 years? Can you guess what were the biggest sellers have been since 2000? Are they in your collection? Stats are c/o
Mama Mia was the highest grossing box office hit in 10 years! Slightly surprised by this really - although I do love a good Abba song and did enjoy the movie (seen on borrowed dvd).
Best selling single record was .... Will Young with Anything is Possible / Evergreen. Errr - can this really be true?
Best selling album was .... James Blunt with Back to Bedlam. Liked a couple of his hits but still didn't think he was that big and thought maybe Robbie Williams would have been up there.
Best selling books (in millions of copies) .....
Fiction - The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (5.2m)
Non-Fiction - A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (1.75m).
Childrens - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling (4.37m) - no surprise there then.
Seems that I have contributed to the expanding bank accounts of Bill Bryson (no idea where that book went), James Blunt and Dan Brown (2 copies - don't know why 2!). What about you? Any of the above in your collections?


  1. Happy 2010. Very interesting statistics - I actually am kind of surprised by James Blunt - I like him but did not realize he was quite as popular.

  2. I've not seen Mama Mia and James Blunt makes my ears bleed. I do own both books though but have only actually read the Da Vinci Code, gave up on Bill by about the 4th page!

  3. wow! i though mama mia was one of the worst movies ever made...

  4. I just bought that Bill Bryson book! yay! So glad you recommend it, now I know what book I'm starting tonight:) x LZ

  5. I was invited by a friend of mine to see the Musical Mama Mia in Holland, have a cd and dvd from J. Blunt, read Bill Bryson. That man is so funny. Dan Brown...all his books and Harry Potter the same. The whole thing. So...yes..I have. Need to go, my son want to play a game.


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