Thursday, 7 January 2010

A hit and a miss

Do you know the song 'Concrete and Clay' by Unit Four plus Two? This British band had a No. 1 hit with the song in 1965 (yes, before I was born too). but you may have this song tucked somewhere in the back of your mind for some peculiar reason. "You to me are sweet as roses in the morning" etc etc etc.
Well, my Huzz and son have been singing it for days. In some weird voices and falling about laughing! This behaviour is quite normal from the two of them - they have the same humour and can often be found rolling around on the floor on the verge of peeing themselves with laughter!
Anyhow, I thought I'd seek out the song on good old YouTube and hear the original version. Here's the 'video' that was apparently made on the site of the Barbican in London before it was built.
During my search I came across another video made of "Concrete and Clay" but this time starring Kevin Rowland - remember him from Dexy's Midnight Runners? - "Come on Eileen" (1982), "Geno" (1980). Do you remember doing some strange stomping dance to 'Eileen" - or was that just me? Well, now take a look at Kevin's version.
How bizare is that then? I'm sure he had a lot of laughs (!) making the video, but I bet a lot more people have laughed at him since seeing it don't you think. All that raising of the dress! Oh the shame! Another 80s 'star' searching for all the fame and glamour once again.


  1. Kevin Rowland lives near me and I see him around a lot..he always looks very dapper and suave. As does Nick Cave who is always doing something mundane like getting money out of the cashpoint. Come on Eileen was one of the anthems of my youth - all dungarees and perms.

    Thanks for tagging me on my highlights of 2009. Haven't forgotten - still mulling it over! It was a year that flatlined - not much happened - nothing good, nothing bad!

  2. Catchy tune and I can imagine the two going crazy over it. My cousin tells me that if you have a husband and a son and no daughters, it's like taking caring of two children. Would that be right

  3. Hi Kestrel - That would be about right. Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun with the toys and games - Huzz or son!!!

  4. don´t you just love boys? happy sunday! p.s. and what is it with men and dresses?...


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