Sunday, 10 January 2010

Favourite photos in our 2009 collection Nr.4

Today I have some more photos to share from our 2009 collection. I see there's plenty of chat around about favourite photos right now and how hard it is to pick just one, especially when you have kiddies and just adore every picture taken of them. I'm steering away from family pictures as I'd be here forever otherwise.
So, here's the next series of fav pics in our house. Our vacation to Florida was one of the highlights on my 2009. I love the laid back relaxed atmosphere, sun, warmth, light, beaches and sea and ... actually just about everything. Huzz takes hundreds of photos on vacation - loads of birds and wildlife (occasionally some of me and kiddos). Here's a little view of the amazing wild life on the Gulf Coast - all just steps from our beachhouse rental.
Horseshoe crab found on our first day
Black headed gulls with unknown boy
American White Ibis
Osprey with catch of the day
Juvenile Pellican
Dreaming of the next vacation already!


  1. Oh those pictures are beautiful. I want to go too...such warming photographs on a horrible cold snowy day.

  2. these are all so gorgeous, it would be hard to pick a fave.

  3. What amazing pictures, makes me quite ashamed of the blurry things I always post! Beautiful

  4. Amazing pictures! You really have an eye for photography, what a great talent!

  5. What a delight to see these gorgeous and sunny photos! Thanks for transporting us to paradise with your words and images! x LZ

  6. these are stunning!!! LOVE the third one. i´m enjoying this:) p.s. i´ll add your link to cv. welcome!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! They make me want to go there, too.


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