Monday, 25 January 2010


It was my birthday last week.  40 what?  Can't quite believe it myself.  Is that really me in the mirror?  Huzz says "looking good honey"!!  He always has the right words for me!  Why do I seem to be attracted to all the ads for eye creams promising to make my tired eyes look like a bright and bushy 16 year old's again, and using more moisturiser than ever before these days!  Well, at least I didn't receive the aforementioned eye (or should I say wrinkle) cream as a gift.  Now that would be a sad pressie don't you think?

Becoming another older had its perks though - Huzz gave me an iPhone.  I'm giddy with excitement about this!  I'm not a huge gadget / technology buyer, but I had kind of mentioned that I didn't like my old phone (if you press it too close to your ear when chatting it cuts out - quite annoying).  Huzz is expecting delivery of his work iPhone soon, and said he didn't want me to get all jealous on him so bought me one in advance of his arriving. Yay!

Now anything from those lovely people at Apple pleases me no end.  I don't think I'd be blogging or creating a family website if I hadn't got my MacBook - there's something about it that makes me want to use it (as opposed to my old PC which gathered dust for weeks on end).

Apple get me everytime with the packaging, just so delightful in itself, well made and so stylish - you just know you have something of great quality inside.  Lovely matt black box with silver Apples.  Pictures of the iPhone icons on the outside.  A couple of white Apple stickers inside (not sure where I'd stick them but who cares?). A little thingy to pop out the SIM card.  Lovely neat plug, charger and earphones (nothing new, but designed so well).  And I love that on all the packaging it states "Designed by Apple in California" - Oh yes I just love that (makes me feel like I have a bit of that sunny Californian lifestyle in my pocket).

So now I am busy trying to discover all the super functions and stuff it can do.  Huzz isn't around much this week to do his usual photographic assignments I request, so you might even see a few tryout iPhone photos popping up instead.

PS - This blog is not sponsored by Apple, I'm just a big fan!


  1. Yay! I love my iPhone, too! Do share your favourite apps, if you find some good ones!

  2. Big M got me an ipod touch for Christmas. It has almost all the functions the iPhone has - you can even talk via skype. I love apple, too.

  3. I'm an Apple fan too although I've only got an iPod. Had such a hard time deciding between the cool white and the sleek black.(white won out). I go in the Apple shop and stroke things. Deep down I know it's only marketing but they are good products. Are you going to get lots of Apps?

  4. i'm starting to not recognise the person i see in the mirror these days. i still feel i am 25... or maybe thats just the age i want to be at!

  5. How lucky you are! The iPhone is great and I jsut have th old 3G..I hear the latest one has all the cool apps and stuff...So cool, enjoy! x LZ

  6. i´m addicted to apple too. and have a secret crush on steve... don´t tell anyone...

  7. i have been a macianian for almost 20 years. and since beginning of december i have a new macbook pro, great. with that fast machine i decided to finannly learn adobe illustrator. when i graduated as graphic designer there was no computer in college so i feel like an e-neandertaler at the moment! my corner view is a tiny café nearby on an island here in southwest ireland. cheers eliane


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