Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sex v Jeans

How do your jeans make you feel? Sexy? Frumpy? Cool? Slim? Big? Young? The hottest thing on two legs even?

Well, a few days ago I received from a male friend of mine a link to this Telegraph article about how more than a quarter of British women believe fitting into an old pair of jeans again is better than sex! I think he was a little surprised, and maybe a little worried!

The survey carried out by Special K (maybe you've heard of its weight loss challenge - eat more cereal and less other stuff - well it would say that I suppose!) found that more than 35% of the 2200 women surveyed online said they had a pair of "trophy" jeans they use to fit in and kept in the hope of fitting in again. 29.1% said it would feel better than sex to fit in their old jeans, 28.9% said it would feel better than a promotion, 20.6% said it would top their best friend's wedding, 20.3% said it would be better than winning the lottery and 11.1% said they fantasised more out fitting in their old jeans than about George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

Well, it kind of rang true for me as I've recently got back into my favourite Banana Republic jeans. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself for sure. I too kept them in the hope that they'd fit again and I've been waiting quite some time I can tell ya! But... better than sex (I suppose that depends on how good or bad your sex life is!), BF's wedding, promotion, lottery or heavens above, fantasizing over George or Brad - I don't think so! How good do your jeans make you feel?

Whilst on the subject of jeans, I also came across this lovely blog with an article on "hello! SkinnyJeans". Heard of them? Not me. But then I'm often a bit behind on what's hip and cool right now, so maybe you've all been wearing them for a year and looking all sleek and sexy and I've been looking like an overstuffed sausage! I do know that there are scores of big bucks jeans around all claiming to make you look slimmer, taller, bigger bottomed, smaller bottomed etc. But take a look at these "hello! SkinnyJeans" claiming to make you look thinner and all kinds of reasons in their design to back up their claim. And take a peek at the before and after pictures they have posted. Obviously modelled by a very slim woman anyhow, so they're bound to look good, but those SkinnyJeans do seem to smooth things out even more don't you think? Downside - they'll cost ya £140 - booo!
What about you? Any favourite jeans brand you swear by and want to share the big secret? Holding onto any old jeans (or anything else come to that) in the hope of squeezing in them again? And would that be better than sex if they did?


  1. I totally have that one pair lurking at me from the darkness of my closet that I never even pick out anymore because everytime I try them on, they make me feel like sh...SO tonight is the night. The skinny jeans are going on and the weight loss will be a direct result of the look on my face when I do:) thanks for the boost! x LZ

  2. haha! i live in jeans... but i´m a levi´s girl.

  3. Those jeans look good. I've had a hate/hate relationship with jeans every since some bright spark decided to add 1% elastine to every single bloody pair. So not good for a big sticky out bum.

  4. Never heard of those jeans but I would take India Knight's word as gospel as whatever she puts on Posterous gets my vote. I'm really bad at choosing jeans - not even sure what leg and waist measurement I take. Just go into Gap or TopShop or Uniqlo. I would like to have jeans for different occasions but I am not living that life. Some of my friends swear by Sass &Bide and Hudson jeans. My closet is full of clothes waiting for me to shift the post pregnancy pounds.

    On a tangential note, two pieces on Finland today on BBC news - how they're phasing out smoking totally and how they're better at coping in the snow than us!

  5. Sorry I have no idea why I think you live in Finland!

  6. deer baby - I'm in the Netherlands, but more than happy to hear something about Finland if you want to keep me updated with world affairs!

    Jane - All my other jeans are Levis - I've been wearing them for years and the staff in the Levis shop are always brilliant.

    VBinC - Too much elastine is bad for the circulation I'm sure!

    Emily - Maybe a before and after picture would be good!

  7. i'm a levis girl at heart. but to be honest i love any kind of jeans. loose ones for comfy days. slim fit for sexiness ;) if i could have it my way, i would wear jeans to work too. but no jeans is not better than sex! nothing is :)

  8. I am blessed with a bum that looks great in GAP and crap in Seven for All Mankind. It's a blessing, because GAPs are a tenner in the sale, and the latter are £ 140 and more, rarely going on sale.

    PS: Does that mean I have a cheap bum?
    PPS: What a depressing survey. How bad must the sex be?

  9. I've got about five pairs stashed away. Ouch.


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