Saturday, 16 January 2010

If we had the weekend free, we'd be at ...

I have a little blog project for 2010.

In the past 7 years, since our Luca was born, Huzz and I have had just 4 nights away on our own! I can't actually believe this is true - but sadly it is. That's not to say I haven't had a few weekends away with the girls and Huzz with his mates. But I think its pretty hard to organise a little weekend away for yourselves when you live far away from family or old friends - it feels like a lot to ask new friends to have your kiddos for a couple of nights (3 at a push).

We did have a great weekend away in January 2008 in cold and snowy Gent in Belgium when I was just pregnant with Ruby. It was wonderful to walk together, sit in cafes, look at beautiful old buildings and down little alley ways, shop, nap in the afternoon and go out for a delicious relaxed dinner in the evening. And before I was pregnant with Ruby we were at the wedding of some lovely friends in London and had the best time partying and drinking and catching up with so many old friends and sleeping in late the next day - perfect!

So my little project is to give us a kick-up-the-backside and try to plan a little weekend for ourselves in 2010.

I'm going to write a regular blog on "If we had the weekend free, we'd be at"..... and then give you a little peek at a hotel that I'd just love to stay at alone with my Huzz for a couple of nights. Sound good? I hope it might give you a few ideas for a perfect weekend away with your partner, friend, lover or whoever else you may like to escape with.

So here goes for the first weekend away ...

If we had the weekend free, we'd be at the Ile de Ré, a littlle island off the west coast of France (near to La Rochelle). Just 30 km long and 5 km wide and reached by a 3km bridge from the mainland. The Ile de Ré has gently slopping sandy beaches, light breezes, fresh fish and oysters, restaurants and cafes, bicycle trails and buckets of style.

We'd be staying at the lovely Hôtel le Sénéchal. And I'll let you into a secret - I've hoarded a torn out page from Elle Decoration circa 2001 about this hotel, so its about time I visited don't you think?
The gorgeous Hôtel le Sénéchal looks so relaxed and charming, I could imagine taking up root here for days on end. Rustic modern charm would sum up its style. With sunny little patios filled with flowers for lazy breakfasts of fresh bread and croissants and steaming hot coffee. Walls taken back to bare stone and unpolished smooth wood floors. Bedrooms decorated with colour pallets of cream, white, duck egg blue and dove grey, with natural light streaming in through the windows. Some bedrooms with fireplaces, some with private patios, some from which you can see the ocean, and others the church steeple. Bathrooms are beautifully simple, bright and white.
There is also a little swimming pool for taking a dip together.
All photos c/o Hôtel le Sénéchal

The hotel has a few little houses and one large house (but we won't be needing those as its just two of us remember - but maybe a family trip another time).

We'd spend the days walking around the market in Ars en Ré, shopping for lovely goodies to take home, or vintage linens, taking a bike ride, sitting in cafes by the harbour or taking picnics. Huzz would be taking photographs by the 100s! We could go sailing or play tennis. It's all about taking the weekend off just for ourselves.

How does that sound then?  Tempted for a little weekend for yourselves?

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!


  1. What a great idea! I love the Hotel! Very charming... Thank you for sharing!!!

    ps. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Wish you and your family a very happy 2010!

  2. Great idea, I've spent hour after hour researching hotels/countries etc that I'd like to stay in. ;0)

  3. Oh, yes! Lovely idea and what a gorgeous place too!

  4. Hey, I won't mind a weekend at Hotel Senechal myself. The Hotel looks so cozy and inviting and i do hope you get there one day with husband alone or with the entire family. You are right, your bird pics are lovely esp the one with the Osprey with the catch of the day. how did you manage to get it just right?

  5. That hotel looks divine. Ile de Re has been on my wish list of places to visit for a while now. I hope you make it soon. Then we can hear all about it.

  6. what a brilliant idea...i really hope that your project dreams become a reality this year and a well deserved holiday! the hotel looks amazing. as we're about to welcome our 1st baby into the world it's unlikely that i'll be able to go anywhere soon but i may just bookmark it for a few years down the line! {i love how you kept the article all these years}

    thanks by the way for stopping by my space and commenting. it's always so nice to hear from new folk and i'll be popping back to catch up with you again now we've met. the book looks so interesting too...i've popped it on my wishlist! x

  7. We have been on Ile de Re last summer - and it was soooo cold!!! When the sun's out it is quite hot, but don't forget the jumpers and jackets for those rainy days. Brrr...

  8. You've made a wonderful choice!

  9. looks wonderful! but i´m laughing. sara (my 16 yr old) spent three weeks with a friend there last summer. she had a great time with her friend, but said she´d never go back there again- very few houses and only one bar... it sounds like a dream to me...

  10. oh, what a beautiful place! i am embarrassed to say in 7 years since my first son was born we've never had one night away from kids. we've only been out to dinner or on a 'date' night once, 4 years ago. otherwise, our alone time is at home after the boys are in bed! ;) no family in town or anything, though, either. but some day, we'll know people and the boys will be old enough for sleep overs and we will hit a B&B or something for a night out. aaahhhhh. those photos are gorgeous.


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