Monday, 8 February 2010

The good, the bad and the cuddly

My kiddos are Luca 7 (smart, loud, cheeky, funny) and Ruby 17 months (oh so cute and adorable).   These kiddos make my life sooo good, as does my super Huzz (missing him so much this week - he's in Palm Springs, California - its been raining apparently (makes me feel a litle better with these minus temperatures and snowflakes coming down again!).

Yesterday I picked up a new toy for each of them - the kiddos that is, not the Huzz (his toys, ie camera lenses, are way more expensive and not something I just 'pick up').

There was a Nijntje (Miffy to many, but Nijntje in dutch which is short for konijntje meaning rabbit) for Ruby.  Ruby has taken quite a liking to Nijntje and we are getting a little collection of things going.  I found this cute towelling one for her and she has been hugging and kissing it ever since!
Next week it will be Carnaval time here and there will be a parade at school on Friday and in the town at the weekend.  Luca wants to be Darth Vader, so I got him a Darth Vader mask and cape.  I now need to find a red lightsaber (apparently the blue and green ones he already has are not Darth Vader's (what do I know?).  He is Star Wars obsessed.  A Jedi in training.  But...

Yesterday evening, as I put him to bed, he picked up his white cuddly lamb and snugged under the duvet with it, before blowing me kisses.

My little boy has not quite gone over to the dark side!!

May the Force be with you today!


  1. I loooove that bunny! So cute...and yes I completely understand the fact that it makes u feel better thatyour huzz is in Palm Springs and its raining:) happy monday!

  2. Ooooh,, we are great fans of Miffy. We own two books which contents I know by heart. Mr and Mrs Bunny lived in a white house all alone...

  3. Yes we love Miffy here too - I'd like to visit the Miffy museum one day. We have plate sets, soft toys etc but I do find the actual books a bit annoying though - it must be something lost in translation. I find the odd rhymes and inflections off - I'm weird like that.

    My son is still massively into Star Wars. Even at 10. He can beat me hands down at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.

    Hope your Huzz comes back soon.

  4. We're into both Nijntje and Star Wars over here as well. Our kids would probably get along great!

  5. oh... he should meet with my son who has all the books, encyclopedias about star wars and the same costume.
    we do have the red light saber (along with the blue and a white, the green is broken)

  6. It's Carnival here as well next week, never could work out why they have a carnival in the coldest month of the year.... I might be really obvious and send Joseph as Robin Hood! I'm sure Luca will look fab as Darth Vader.

  7. Now that is the way to score Mommy points! I bet they loved their new toys!

  8. what a cute little bunny! oh, and darth vader...of course! every little boy must have the right lightsaber.

  9. Oh I loved Miffy so when I was little- actually I still do who am I kidding I still love Miffy- though I don't have a toy sadly. One of my first how to read books was a Miffy- I think my parents still have it somewhere


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