Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stories & Songs Meme

The strong and inspiring Chic Mama tagged me with this little Stories & Songs Meme last week.  It was half term, and I was doing my hardest to be creative, attentive and full of fun mama (when actually I was feeling quite knackered mama), so didn't get around to this little Meme then.  But now I'm back, fully recharged (well, maybe half recharged) and offering you two little numbers...

The 1st by The Wannadies - You and Me Song.   Great great memories of dancing to this with Elisha on so many nights.  At her brother's wedding.  And most memorable, just before I got married, in the hotel room, drinking champagne and having a huge sing together.  Thanks for being there always Elisha.

The 2nd number is 'Cry Cry Cry' by good old Johnny Cash - love his songs.  When we lived in Oregon, USA, we got so into Mr Cash - he was always blaring out at home and in the car.  My son Luca was between the ages 2 and 4 and loved him too.  He woud sit in the back seat of our car singing along, playing air guitar and said he was "Johnny Hot Strings".   Huzz and Luca would dance around to this song - and I have a fabulous movie clip of the two of them dancing - Luca with underpants on his head, and Huzz with Luca's PJ trousers on his head.  Priceless !!   Makes me Cry Cry Cry with laughter every time!

Thanks Chic Mama for tagging me - bought back some good old memories.


  1. I love that first one...the words are so beautiful ! ;0)

  2. I've never heard that first one before - wonderful!

  3. Hi Victoria!
    Thanks for the blog referal to Emily's post! I can't wait to visit London soon!

  4. Johnny Cash is the best. That's all. I bet you'll treasure that movie clip of them dancing for ever.


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