Sunday, 21 February 2010

A taste of the blue skies to come

Have you just about had enough of winter?  Me too.  I'm done with putting on the layers, boots, scarves etc etc before leaving the house.  And at home wearing my thickest socks and not so attractive slippers.  I wanna be in flip flops, dresses, flowing skirts, vests and wearing sunglasses again.

So... here are a few teasers to get you thinking about summer holidays, warm skin, cool drinks, sand between your toes, summer dresses and beautiful clear blue skies.

Crete, Greece
'Chinaman's Hat', off Oahu, Hawaii
Marathon, Florida Keys, USA
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
White Cliffs of Dover, UK


  1. oh, you know, i just needed that today! thank you.

  2. skies all around the world! Lovely!

  3. beautiful blues :)

    our "summer" has left, but it's still kind of warm - but i'd love to dream about these places with you anyway.

  4. Amazing blue! Nothing like a clear blue sky!

  5. Fantastic!! Just what I needed on a rainy California day ;-)

  6. Wonderful pictures - makes me long even more for Spring :-) Thanks for sharing :-)


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