Monday, 8 March 2010

A little web browsing

Spring is burning a hole in my pocket.  Well, the thought that spring and then summer are not too far away (although snow flakes were this morning falling again!).  I have been doing some online window shopping and visited a site I hadn't look at for quite a while - Plumo. Lovely lovely dresses, jewellery, gifts and things for home.  Here are a few things that jumped out at me.

Love me a summer dress any day!

These little items would just about finish things off nicely.


And finally, a few little things for home.

Probably shouldn't have started looking to begin with.  And how many times have I said that??


  1. That black dress and those cups and saucers!! I'm on my way....thank you Victoria, now I'll burn a whole in my pocket ;-)
    XXX, C.

  2. Wow! Those dresses are dreamy!!! They definitely give off that spring like feeling of sun and bliss and cool bracelet too! x LZ

  3. I was out doing some window shopping this morning (until our noses got too cold). I want spring!!! I'd be curious to see if we are switching from winter directly to summer.

  4. will check it out. thanks!

  5. Hm, yesterday I got really exited over some adorable dresses I have seen on that internet site, but now......(it's snowing at the moment) I feel like ordering a woolen cardigan! It's bookmarked though ;-)

  6. Oh, those dresses are darling! I would so wear those this summer! Beautiful finds!

  7. They all look LOVELY as a mother in her 40's I am majorly struggling with what to wear this summer (if it every bloody comes as in London) love your blog - v interesting re science lesson thank you!! Lx


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