Friday, 5 March 2010

Ikea, meatballs and shopping

You know how it is, right?  You decide to pop to Ikea to pick up a couple of things, not really necessary, but just nice to have.  Then you come out with more bags than you can carry (including tea-lights of course), and you've eaten more Swedish meatballs than really necessary!

Ruby and I went this week.  We were having a day at home (no body shape class for me as Ruby was full of cold and would've been miserable being left in the creche), and I had itchy feet to get out the house for a hour or so.  A pit stop in the Ikea cafe for a quick coffee ended up 45 minutes later with me having been tempted by a plate of those Swedish meatballs - 10 in a small portion (yes small!).   So bad and yet sooo good.  And Ruby spying a 'highly nutricious' fairy cake covered in brightly coloured sprinkles and getting herself in a right old state.  After some persuasion, thankfully she accepted the not so bright baby cookie and yoghurt raisins I had with me.

I wanted to pick up some more of Ikea's Ribba picture frames in silver.  They will really show off the colours of these hydrangea photos Huzz took last summer.


I also bought this bowl, plate and serving spoons to go with some small bowls I already have.  I am dreaming of summer days and these blue skies, and thought these would be perfect for summer lunches in the garden.

A few meters of lovely patterned material, a roll of paper for the kiddos to draw on, a new duvet cover, and sandpit toys for the summer were all popped into that huge blue Ikea bag (its so big it dares you to fill it up!).  And finally, I picked up this lovely floor cushion for Ruby's room - she loves to sit on cushions and flick through piles of books, jabbering away to herself.
But, damn, I forgot those tea-lights!  Looks like another trip coming up - better make sure I have lunch before I go next time.


  1. Thank God we are moving soon. I am running out of excuses to go to IKEA here.
    Those pictures are amazing!!

  2. our ikea doesn`t have all that great stuff... =( i have never seen the bowl, plate and serving spoons or the lovely floor cushion!

  3. looks like another trip is coming very soon indeed!! Ohw, how I often wished Ikea was nearby here, but that...when I read or hear things like this in your post, I'm more than happy Ikea is a hours away from here. For me that's too long.
    Hm....but now I've seen these lovely things here and that makes me like...planning, this weekend, car, hubby, kids in the
    Have a wonderful weekend Victoria, XXX, C.

  4. I enjoyed Ikea too and we were just there yesterday. We got a tv table for $50.

  5. I like the printed design of the melanine trays ... great selection !!

  6. Lovely blog- I feel the same way about Ikea- and cannot get enough of the meatballs. I love the childrens toys and all the textiles.

  7. Oh how I miss Ikea. There isn't one in Bahrain and the alternatives are dire. I tried in vain to find a plain wardrobe the other day. Impossible. I would have found what I wanted in Ikea in a jiffy and would even have had time to stop for meatballs.

  8. Ikea makes me fat, I love the meatballs too with the cranberry sauce. Here, they also serve noodles and chicken wings for breakfast with as much coffee as your heart can handle before the palpitations set in. I love the cushion and the lovely bright spoons.. looks like summer is on its way

  9. a visit to Ikea is so therapeutic isn't it- and there is something about those meatballs. I don't exactly love them they are just very more-ish.

    I always come out with postcards, frames, candles and glasses- no matter what I went for or how many of the above I already have. Then it costs so little you can't ever really be too cross with yourself can you?

  10. :):) I so know these trips!


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