Saturday, 17 April 2010

Liv, a little

I don't usually blog about famous people, but when I saw Liv Tyler in this G-Star Raw advertising campaign by the dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, I felt the need.  Isn't she so beautiful?  I remember seeing her for the first time in Stealing Beauty quite some years ago and thinking how lovely she was then.  She is absolutely stunning now don't you think?

I have a G-Star Raw coat that I love, so looks like me and Liv have something in common and could be new best friends don't you think?! Ha ha!


  1. I really like her as well, she is SO pretty..

  2. Oh, I have a serious crush on Liv. She is so beautiful and real, I think she could be my new best friend, too ;)

  3. I like her because she doesn't blah her private life all over the papers. And she stood up to a woman hitting her child in its buggy. And, of course, because she's beautiful. Although I couldn't name many films she's been in. Not a Lord of the Rings fan.

  4. I do agree she is beautiful- and she doesn't seem to have been getting many good parts since she had her baby which is something I hate about Hollywood!

  5. I agree. You could be new best friends!


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