Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sugar and spice...

Photograph c/o cherishcupcake

and everything nice.  Isn't that what little girls are made of?  Or should smell of?

Well, not in my house.  My Ruby is just gorgeous, but with a lust for olives, silver skin mini pickled onions (she has devoured 15 this lunchtime!), sardines, baked beans, spicy tortilla chips and red peppers (stolen from mine and Huzz's chilli con carne) her breath is not the sweetest, and her nappies are far from nice!   Try her with any kind of potato or pasta (without a spicy sauce) and a straight 'No' comes at you.  So different from Luca, whom was often referred to a 'potato boy' owing to his enormous appetite for them as a small boy!

For now, at least, my little girl is smelling of all things spicy and the strong.  Any penchant for strong flavours from your children?


  1. haha...:)not sure what's better, my daughter LOVES chocolate and sweets..

  2. Not so far! That's great that she likes all those foods though. Shows she's got a well developed palate. Mine will just about eat a mild chicken korma, hate olives, turn their noses up at chilli con carne unless it's really mild (I usually take out their portions and then add a bit more chilli to ours). Hadn't even thought of those mini silverskin onions....good idea. Does it really affect nappies? Euuggghhh

  3. P.S. Love that photo montage. Pretty!

  4. My girl loves all that, too. She likes sparkling water, spicy things, hot things. Freaky little person!

  5. oh wow, i would love my kids to eat spicey and tastey food. they only like plain old stuff, mashed potatoes being the favourite

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  7. Mr6 loves olives, salami, fish, prawns, oysters, brie...expensive tastes, now that I look at it. Mr3 is a chicken breast nuggets and chips man. They're ALL different!

    PS: congrats on your award nomination!

  8. Haha. Little L is the same. Just never feed your Ruby cheese sticks from M&S, they make their breath go fishy, eew....


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