Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday flowers

So I was looking to show you some gorgeous flower photos for this sunny Friday, and then whilst looking around this morning I found these lovely vintage flower necklaces via I am a Greedy Girl from Free People dot com - handmade with flowers, charms, gems on leather straps.  Lovely.


I'm all for a big pretty summery necklace this year and I'm getting quite a collection going.  My fav is this one at the moment, but I can see one of the above joining my collection soon too.

Wishing you a super Friday and a sunny and bright weekend.


  1. Beautiful, I'm glad you have what some call "wild" taste - for me, its perfect! I'd love to send you some of my jewelry! Let's talk sometime about it!

  2. Oh they're nice. Particularly like the last one. Grey and yellow is a good colour combination. I don't think big necklaces suit me though. Or so I've been told!

  3. I love these vintage flower necklaces!! I would love to wear this when I go to the beach!
    Have a great weekend too!

  4. love the grey and the yellow together... but the one on the top left is nice too!

    thanks for leaving a nice comment over at Passage Paradis this week! your corner of the world looks very nice and peaceful too. i'd be happy to spend a few weeks there.

  5. Oh, my! These are ridiculously cute!

  6. I love the vintage necklaces. Mum bought me one from a very well-known supermarket which is just lovely and so summery and pretty.

    Pat x


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