Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Corner View 'From where I'm sitting'

Its been a busy morning around here.  The school run.  Then a visit to friends and a walk to a lovely park in the sunshine.  A stop at a little farm to pet the goats, sheep and rabbits on the way.  Collecting Luca from school and home for lunch.

In a short while we are off to another park with trampolines, sand and a very nice cafe for mamas to sit out in the sunshine and relax for 5 mins.  After the park, Luca has a diving lesson, then home for dinner and bath and bed.  Its not always this busy on a Wednesday I can assure you!

So, whilst I'm home for a short time this afternoon, here is my CV contribution this week.

'From where I'm sitting' which is on the sofa right now, with a cup of tea and my MacBook Pro, I can see our lovely fireplace with a vase filled with freesias, blue and grey candles, a very large conch shell found in Florida in the sea, two small polished stones (one with Love engraved), a b/w canvas print of Luca and a big dried star fish.

We also have a water buffalo skull on the wall.  An unexpected purchase when we were out looking for dining chairs!

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  1. How lovely si that little spot on your sofa! SOunds like a busy Wednesday but I'd rather do that any day than sitting at my desk in a dark office building. Yuck:)

  2. A wonderful place to be seeing I think!
    (I read the "diving" in the above as "driving" and immediately thought "why would she have to collect someone old enough to drive from school? And take him to such a park?" I re-read and laughed. Oh.)
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Dining chairs to water buffalo skulls in one shopping trip - nothing like a little diversification!

  4. I like the fresh white look of your home !
    Nothing like the hamac and shellfish to have a Holiday feeling !

  5. Your Wednesday sounds as busy as mine.

  6. I mis-read Luca's diving lesson as driving lesson! Love these little glimpses into your life. Love that buffalo's head. My husband would like some stuffed deer heads up but I think that's going a bit far. Love your mantel.

  7. the fireplace with the lovely decoration and the great pic is amazing.

  8. i'm with maryline. it IS very fresh and relaxing looking. love the BIG picture of luca on the mantel. and you've very much brought the outdoors in with your little pieces of goodies.

    thanks for stopping by passage paradis both of the past cv weeks!

    i haven't been so good about putting myself about lately but it's lovely to hear from you and to be reminded to stop here too - loved the sandbox gear in your previous post too. cheers!

  9. I love the white beachy feeling, and am reminded of Georgia O'keefe from the last photo.
    Must be peaceful to sit there and get lost in dreams...enjoy!

  10. What a day !!! You're lucky, you can have an idea of paradise on your sofa !

  11. The end of your post got me laughing, and when I read the comment above by metropolitan mum I laughed even more! yay to unexpected purchases:)!

  12. seems so light and airy- lovely!

  13. love your buffalo skull !
    we seldom see those in western europe
    but i'm a cowgirl at heart ! :D

  14. LOVE the mantel and that canvas! What a treasure!


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