Thursday, 3 June 2010

Away day

Ah yes.  Long over due me time.

This Saturday I'm out the door at 9.45am and off to Dusseldorf with a group of friends from the Mums & Tots group that Ruby and I go to.  Eleven mamas out for a day of shopping, coffee, lunch, cocktails, dinner and a restful relaxed night in a hotel, with definitely no wake up call at 7am!!

I'm starting to think about my shopping list:

I wasn't too enthusiastic about the clog thing this year.
But now I 've feasted my eyes on these by UGG and I'm hooked.
With the sheepskin inside, they are soooo soft and comfortable.
 The stockist here in town doesn't have my size and now I can't get them out my head!

Some new knickers / pants / briefs (whatever you will). 
I need to get out of my black / white cotton rut.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Illuminating Brightener.
I've heard great things about both of these products, and I could do with a little boost.

The shopping list isn't too long is it?

That means there's plenty of room for other lovely things that
catch my eye.

This will be my first trip to Dusseldorf.
Have you visited, or do you live there?
Any tips for great places to shop, eat, drink, cocktails etc?
I'd love to hear from you.


  1. those clogs look very comfy. and the knickers - very nice.

  2. the list definitely isn't too long- I hope you have/ had fun!

    I use the LM tinted moisturiser and base and they are excellent, giving a nice healthy glow but without being producty- you do need to use a seperate moisturiser too though- but I have quite dry skin

  3. Thank you. I can now live vicariously through you. Keep shopping pls!


  4. I was just thinking how I would like a pair of clogs, these are perfect!

  5. Everything on your list looks fantastic - all practical and necessary. I love that you made a pre-shopping list!! The only thing better than making a list is scratching things off it! Happy shopping.

  6. Oooh how wonderful... some girly time for you - enjoy!! ope you buy lots of lovely things and the Laura Mercier stuff is good - although don't get suckered into buying the primer. A friend and I don't really think it made any difference for us. Have fun! xx

  7. I love the clogs - they are so you. Have a good girly day out.

    Pat x

  8. Have a great time in Dusseldorf - you'll have a ball. That's quite a modest list I'd say. Love the clogs - I have clogs but I cheated and have a heel strap as I didn't want them falling off so perhaps not technically clogs. Big fan of Laura Mercier.

    Let us know how you got on!

  9. Lucky you! Hope you had a ton of fun, Victoria.

  10. I love the clogs!! It is my b'day in a few weeks time and have been asked what I would like, they may make a feature on my wish list!

    Hope you are having a fun time xxx

  11. I covet those clogs now.

  12. The LM tinted moisturizer is amazing... and love those knickers!

  13. Adore the pink ruffle panties!

    Reading your blog all the way from Québec, Canada. Discovered it through a link posted by Design Mom in Colorado lol! I check her posts every morning because her links either inspire me or take me somewhere new. Like your post (Away from it all) which I enjoyed. Then at the bottom of the page an other link (Away day) caught my eye. I was very excited and amused because I recognized the image right away! You see I made the illustration you used for this post! : ) It was done years ago for Microsoft. I can still remember where I was sitting when I made it. My husband and I are both freelancing illustrators you can see our work here and as much as we love to do fancy work we have to sometimes do simpler images like this to pay the bills. It's always fun to find our creations years later outside of our home and computers. So I'm just enjoying the moment and saying hi! :)

    I also can relate and seriously envy your *girl* getaway!!! I am a mother of 3 and find free time a luxury! Breast feeding #3 as I'm typing here. I adore my girls but would also LOVE to sneak away, shop, eat out and spend a night in a hotel child free! Oh what a fun fantasy! :D I hope your day was a blast!


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