Sunday, 20 June 2010

memories of daddy

Me with my Daddy

My dad died when I was just 13.
Too many years ago to have a crystal clear picture in my head these days.

Here are a few things I do remember about him.

His dark brown trousers.

His brown eyes.

When he climbed our garden slide, and plucked from the sky
 a star each for my sister and I.

Waving to him as he walked up the street to catch the train to work.

His disbelief at how little homework I had from school.

His encouragement at all my swimming galas.

Him building wonderful sandcastles in the shape of cars that we could sit in.

How great he was at maths.

Hearing the music of Match of the Day coming up the stairs as I lay in bed.

Remembering the registration numbers from two of his cars
(I don't remember any of my own).

Walking with my arm around his hips as we walked down the street.

So sad that he is not here today to see his two daughters grown up
and to enjoy the fun of his 3 grandchildren.

He would have made a most excellent grandfather that's for sure.

 Wish you were here with us now Daddy.

(My sister and I still refer to him as Daddy - we hadn't yet grown out of that when he died).


  1. oh... i am sorry victoria...
    sending warm thoughts your way.

  2. He sounds a good one. You look so like him from your profile picture.

  3. Lovely, lovely memories. I always think Father's Day and Mother's Day must be so hard for people who have lost their parent. I'm sure he is thinking of you too Victoria. x

  4. Lovely words Victoria - it must have been so hard to lose him when you were so young and he too must have been taken too young. Wonderful of you to share your special memories with us. Big hugs Leanne xx

  5. 13 is so much too early. x

  6. Oh, what a wonderful, touching post! Love that photo!

  7. I was really moved by your words. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of your daddy :-)

    PS: lovely new lay-out of your blog :-)

  8. how touching. he was quite handsome wasn't he?

  9. beautiful memories, sorry he is not with you.

    sometimes i'm still refering or calling daddy to my daddy :)

  10. Victoria, I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how many times you've wished for his presence in your life. Thinking of you.


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