Friday, 18 June 2010

Ice ice baby

We are regular visitors to our local icecream parlour at the moment, usually after school.  The weather has been generally pretty good and once or twice a week after collecting Luca (after school activities and playdates permitting) we cycle another 5 more minutes to sit in the sunshine with our icecreams, before heading home.

My favourite flavours are lemon and pistachio.  Delicious.

Luca goes usually goes for lemon, with an added scoop of a blue icecream named either Superman or Smurf ice !!!  Well, you can imagine how 'natural' that is can't you!!  Boys will be boys eh!

Ruby is sticking to vanilla right now.   She has no idea about other flavours so we'll keep that going as long as possible!

But now I'm thinking of getting some ice-pop / ice-lolly molds so we can make some fruity fresh homemade ices to cool down over the summer (and steer away from the garish colours Luca picks!).

We could make all shapes and sizes with this selection.

Can you imagine how delicious these strawberry lollies would taste.  via

Or ice pop Sailboots for little boys.  via Prairie Moon

Dual flavours in this classic Rocket lollies. via Amazon
Prepara Volcanic Pop Molds. via Amazon

Of course, first I'll start with lovely kiddie friendly flavours with
strawberries, lemons, raspberries, yoghurt etc.

But, what about the big kids?

  Margarita or Mojito ice pop anyone?

I have aspirations of something like these handcrafted gelatto on a stick at the Pop Bar in New York, found via Simple Song blog.  Not sure if we'll achieve such a high standard at home though!!


  1. Those do look so pretty!
    In our house, ice cream and summer go hand in hand.

  2. They look great, especially the strawberry lollies. Perfect on a hot day.

  3. Woow, they look yummy... I would love to try one at Pop Bar where I have never been!!

  4. p.s. my kids call them poopsicles...;) kids...


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