Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Corner View 'Daily'

The same tree, all in a day.

Without fail, these are just some of the things that I say, hear or do 'daily'.

Say in the morning

"Morning honey."
"Did you have a nice sleepy Ruby?"
"What would you like for breakfast?"
"Quick Luca.  Teeth, shoes, lunch, bike."
"Check the road."
"Be the best boy."
"Love you."


"Hello mama" "Mama hello."
"Why can't I have Nutella today?"
"I'm still tired."
"Cookie please, yes?"
"What's going on honey?"
"Night mama."


Drink tea
Build Lego
Clean up Lego
Bath time

These dialy things (of course there are many many other things too) are all part of my life as a stay-at-home-mama.  One I would never want to change, apart from having Huzz be a stay-at-home-papa with me, and then transporting our life to the coast somewhere warm!

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  1. ohhh wow, what a lovely cv! i really like the way you did that cv.

  2. I love this! Momma why can't I have nutella today? That sounds exactly like me from age 5-26!!!

  3. Cookie please, yes? for my early coffee?
    love your post!

  4. love the dailiness of your days... (can i say that?) you know what i mean:)

  5. great CV ... have a great day !!

  6. it's the "dailies" that anchor us isn't it? loved the legos part! sounds like someone has discovered his true passion!

    thanks for stopping by passage paradis! and good luck with the vacation plans. cornwall sounds great!

  7. Love this... and I almost always find myself adding "Quick" or "Quicker please" on to everything where SC is concerned at the moment! x

  8. This was great. It's these little things that make our days isn't it? Not the big things.

  9. I love this one!! It sounds so much like here. Yes, we build legos daily, too (but we may have given up on the cleaning legos daily...)
    Thank you for being here, Victoria.

  10. Life is made up from such seemingly mundane exchanges but aren't we lucky to have that familiarity to be a bedrock to our days

  11. My children also ask me on a daily basis if they can have Nutella bread and I always say the same thing that if that is what they want for dessert than fantastic! But there will only be one dessert.

  12. I like the bit "built Lego, clean up Lego...seems like my whole life:)

  13. i dig it all, and sense your happiness. great!

  14. Oh, I like this one! I love the sayings you hear daily. Your home sounds very loving! :)


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