Tuesday, 15 June 2010

When the world's our oyster

why can't we decide on a summer holiday destination?

We've talked about going to Sweden again.  Last summer we had a wonderful holiday there with great friends.

We've talked about Denmark.  We've never visited this country and so it would be a new experience and another taste of the Scandinavian life.

Now we're thinking about a cottage in Devon on Cornwall.  Its years since Huzz or I had a real holiday in the UK (visiting family doesn't really count I don't think).  The kiddos would get a little taste of England. We could do some walks, rock-pooling, visiting castles and the Eden Project, fish 'n' chips and afternoon scones and cream.  Oooo sounds good.

We'd like to load up the car and not be concerned about packing cases and luggage allowances.   A days driving is fine too.

We've had a good dose of the heat earlier this year in Florida, so we aren't chasing the sun this summer either.

We like the coast and beach life.  We like to be outdoors as much as possible.  We love good food.

Any tips of places that  would suit our little family with near 8 year old and near 2 year old?


  1. Decision, decision, decision. Happy holidays, where ever you will be, it will be beautiful.

  2. Wow all sounds great. I'ma big fan of Sweden for the summer though Devon sounds fab! And those scones look delicious! Holidays in the UK are under-rated and well worth it! I think you should go for the UK holiday...seems like an easy place for the kids! x LZ

  3. We've had great summer hols in Austria if that's any help!

  4. I did love Ireland - but that's maybe a bit far in the car. And France, of course.

  5. Any of those places sounds like exotic heaven to me. All beautiful, all different. Sorry, I'm no help.

  6. It's a long, long way away, but the west coast of Canada (where I live) is fantastic. Beaches and forests and so much to see and do.

    We're planning a trip to England for August and we just can't wait!


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