Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Summer breeze

makes me feel fine......

The A/C wasn't working in the studio at my body pump class today.  25 women, all working their backsides off and no cool air to help us along.  I felt like my head was about to explode.

I'm loving this summer weather, doors open, cool drinks, salads, soft dresses....  but I long for a little breeze.  White muslin curtains billowing by French doors, a view of the beach or garden, lying on a cool crisp linen covered bed, sun streaming in.  Now that would be that would wonderful.

image via here

Instead, I'm about to jump on my bike and do a mad peddle to collect Luca from school. 
Definitely an icecream parlour visit today.
image via here

1 scoop or 8 ?!


  1. love the pic of the bed - makes me want to go lie down on it and shut my eyes!!

  2. I agree, hot and a breeze is perfect..... good job you've got the bike, you can make your own breeze.



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