Monday, 28 June 2010

Weekend Highs

A hot sunny weekend of fun was had around here.

Friday evening fun at Luca's school summer party.  Luca won a prize in the raffle (picnic basket filled with all kinds of goodies - so I won't be needing to purchase one as I blogged about here).  He was crazy excited !!

Saturday we celebrated Huzz's B Day. Hip Hip Horray!


Pressies were opened after a little lie in (not long enough but anything is better than nothing).  Bunting decorated the garden.  A birthday hair cut was had (he had a serious 'Hair Bear' problem going on, so necessity called).  And then a bike ride into town and lunch at Usine (the ex-Philips light-bulb factory now converted to a great restaurant, cafe, bar).  Delicious Ceaser and Nicoise salads, glasses of Rosé, followed by cappuccino and chocolate cake (very unusal for Huzz who never touches cakes, but this was particuarly chocolatey and too good to miss).  Not quite as relaxed as it all sounds with the kiddos barely sitting still for 5 minutes (but the Rosé helped!).

An afternoon hanging around at home in the sunshine, watching some World Cup matches, cold beers and snacks!

We had the offer of a babysitter, but decided to stay home where we dined on delicious homemade Bruschetta and glasses of Prosecco (it was too hot to eat anything more). Simple and delicious.


Swimming (Ruby is now jumping in the pool - I'm sure she'll follow in her brother's footsteps with his love for the water).

Feeding the ducks and seeing the cutest ducklings.

The agony of watching England play (its last) World Cup 2010 match - not sure you can count this as a high at all !!!  The only good thing about England going home is that I shall stop buying and eating far too many snacks (so necessary when watching a match).

Having all the doors and windows open until late in the hope that a little breeze may cool us down.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Happy Monday.


  1. What a great weekend. My nerves are frazzled after yesterday's match. Ate far too much popcorn and hid behind a cushion for some of it. Never mind eh?

  2. looks like a you had great weekend! except for the England team!

    love the photo at the top!

    have a wonderful week!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, shame about the football but glad it didn't ruin things for you. You can officially support Holland now and I always said Spain would win it *ahem*. x

  4. That bruschetta(spelling?)looks amazing!!!!


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