Monday, 26 July 2010

Let's go surfin' now

Everybody's learning how
Come on and safari with me

We finally made up our minds on our summer vacation destination and we'll be off to Cornwall, south west England for some fun family time.

Luca is excited.  We are planning on booking him a few surfing lessons.  He loves the sea (whatever the temperature, brrrr) so we'll be spending hours on the beach.  We'll be taking the skim board and body board, but I know that as soon as he sees the 'cool' guys on the surf boards he'll be desparate to join in.

He had his first little taste of surfing when he was just 2.5 and 3.5 years old, on vacations in Hawaii.  He'd thrown off his armbands when he was 2 years old and there was no stopping him from then on.  Of coure, there was no standing up, riding the rip curl, just lying down paddling along in the waves.  He had long hair then too, so really looked the part.  He loved it.


Since the early days, every year he gets a new body board on vacation, which he insists on wrapping in protective plastic to bring home.  My plan is to decorate his bedroom with all the boards, hanging from the ceiling or walls, eventually.

I might even join him in a surfing lesson myself this year, as long as I can recharge with the scones and clotted cream I'm looking forward to!


  1. One of the best holidays I ever had was a surfing holiday in Cornwall. Have fun!

  2. A holiday by the beach is always perfect - hope you have fun! Leanne x

  3. Well of course I'm disappointed it's not here but I can see why you've gone for Cornwall. Cornwall's gorgeous and has sand, not pebbles. Are you going to St Ives? My favourite. Then there's Newquay, Padstow (or is that Devon?). Gorgeous.
    Luca's going to be be a surfing ace!

  4. Great pictures of Luca and a great idea for the body boards. Enjoy your surfing safari. x

  5. One of the best days we had as a family was body boarding in LA. Such good fun!

    Helena xx

  6. How cool. I always wanted to learn how to surf, I just never came round doing it. He'll break all the beach girls' hearts.

  7. What brilliant photos...and what a great job he is doing....very impressive!!

    Have a great summer :)

  8. What a clever boy! I'm going to start collecting surf boards to decorate the house too. Enjoy your trip!


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