Thursday, 29 July 2010

And just like that, the summer plans changed

Day 6

One broken arm.

Yep, Luca has his right arm in a plaster cast.

Yesterday he spent the afternoon at a friend's house.  Playing the whole afternoon outdoors.  Practising on their wave boards.  Going to a local burger bar for dinner.  Fun, fun, fun.  And the plan to was stay over the night too.

Then I received a call at 7.30pm.

A game of football, ended with the ball hitting his arm against the goalpost.  Snap.  His friend's mum saw it happen.  His scream was unbelievable.  He couldn't move his arm.  My little boy actually said "I want to be brave and stay here, but it hurts so much.  Can you call my mama."  Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about him now.

An emergency dash in the car and 15 mins later we were home.  He sat in the car holding his arm whilst Huzz hurried out to take a look.  Then I gave them the necessary bits - phone, cash, drinks, hospital card - and they left for the hospital.

He came home one and half hours later after being examined immediately on arrival at the hospital.  His arm is in a blue plaster cast from his fingers to his shoulder.  For 4 weeks!!!   Yes 4 weeks of the summer holidays.  Bang goes the surfing lessons in Cornwall mentioned here.  Bang goes the wave board practice, all the swimming, diving and the cycling he loves.  Bang goes the sport camp durng the last week.  Oh Luca my broken little boy.  I'm so sorry for you.

He didn't want this photo taken (can't you tell ?!)

Any tips for keeping a near 8 year old very active boy happy and busy for the holidays would be gratefully received!


  1. Poor thing! That is bad timing. It wouldn't have been so bad during school time.

    No ideas for entertainment from me, I'm afraid. I can only think (onehanded) crafts, movies and icecream.

  2. Oh poor Luca - not fun at all - give him a few days and he won't even realise it is there (although I suspect it will affect the surfing lessons!). Touch wood none of my girls have ever broken bones but those friends that have seem to be able to do anything with a plaster cast on! Cheer up Luca!! Leanne xx

  3. Oh no, poor thing... unfortunately I don't have any suggestion as mine are much younger and I am not too sure what an 8 yo would be into but I hope he gets better soon. Pxx

  4. Ohhh ! Poor adorable Luca ! I hope he'll be fine soon...

  5. Oh dear! Hope he's feeling better soon!
    Maybe some fun art projects to keep his mind off of it? Or maybe some cool designs for the cast to turn it around into something not so terrible...

    Hope you both have a fun, lovely summer!

  6. Oh no! And you had such plans with surfing and everything! I'm so sorry for poor Luca.

    Lots of board games - battleships and Connect 4 you can just about play one handed. Lots of DVDs.

    What rotten luck.

  7. Oh no poor Luca. I'm sure he'll learn to do most things one handed pretty quickly. x

  8. Uh oh. He doesn't look happy. My only advice: rulers. I remember it can get quite itchy underneath the thing, especially in summer. Oh, and they do rubber covers for casts. You can even go into the pool with them!

  9. MM - Great tip re the ruler. He's already complaining about the itching. We should be getting a waterproof cast on Monday, and I've also seen online another waterproof cover you can buy, so hopefully he'll get a bit of splashing around in the pool still.

  10. Oh no! poor boy. Hopefully you all will still enjoy the summer though.

  11. oh, no... poor Luca. I really hope that he gets better soon!

  12. Bummer! Luca, sending well wishes across the big blue pond to you!

  13. Get well soon darling Luca, wishing you and your arm lots better and hope it doesn't spoil your summer holidays too much xxxx

  14. oh no.. SO sorry about the broken arm... Get better soon luca :-)


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