Friday, 2 July 2010

Not 2 much Sex in the City then

Finally, I got to see SATC2 yesterday evening.  I've tried to get to the movies a few times since its release, but it just hadn't worked out (sold out, no babysitter, too tired).

I've read the reviews and gossip going around in the blog world and I really wasn't expecting great things.... But I have to say I enjoyed it.  Yes, there was some awfully corny 'Carry On' kind of stuff going on in the desert and some of the one liners were so forced and emphasised that they felt wrong.


I laughed out loud.  I cried (but not as much as in the first movie over Miranda and Steve and Carrie and Big.  This time it was with Charlotte  - what mother hasn't felt like locking herself in a room away from the kiddos when its all got too much, and Carrie (guilt after kissing Aidan).  I loved seeing Miranda "You are fun in Abu Dhabi" being so much more relaxed after quitting her job!  And I feasted my eyes on some gorgeous clothes.

This was one of my fav dresses, together with the green maxi dress Carrie wore in the last scene in the apartment with Big (but can't find a photograph anywhere)

Big and Carrie's apartment was gorgous.  Loved that sofa and armchairs, and the kitchen tiles.  Particulary loved the coffee table with high sides.


And of course I noticed that the Fabulous Four were looking a little older these days (which was quite comforting) and there wasn't actually much sex in the city going on at all really!


  1. I agree with you! I actually enjoyed it alot! Like you, I was expecting it to be so crap, but I actually was laughing a whole lot. Especially with the condom bit with Samantha in the end;) Great too that the movie shows their struggles with getting older. It's realistic! For once!

  2. And how utterly fabulous was Lisa Manelli?!
    Came here from Deerbaby, I also have the fish!

  3. still haven't seen it...great you like it! now I have to go...:)

  4. Well thanks for giving away half the plot - I hadn't seen it yet! ;-)

  5. I can't bring myself to see it. And apparently SJP has been in tears because everyone's been so cruel. Let's hope she reads this - it might cheer her up!

    P.S. I want to see it for Aidan but still can't bring myself to. Was he lovely?

  6. Mwa - Sorry for the spoiler !! There was enough stuff already written, that I didn't think I'd revealed anything new.

    db - Aidan was as gorgeous as ever. And his voice is wonderful.

  7. it wasn't as bad as the reviews would lead you to believe was it. I did prefer the parts in New York because it is the fifth character but taking them away was useful too. Some of the stuff in AD was a bit too much and I thought Samantha with the condoms was silly- the idea that American sexualised culture could save Islamic women rather missing the point that perhaps they don't want to be saved. I really admire them all as actors though and it was lovely to see them all again. I agree about Carrie's apartment- and wardrobe! (those dresses are Halston heritage) also thought the stuff about being just a 2 was interesting and valueable- much more old satc


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