Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday flowers

We are expecting it hot hot hot here this weekend (today it was 37º C).

I popped out to purchase fans for the bedrooms earlier as there is no breeze whatsoever.  I need to sleep tonight - with the kiddos waking between 5.15 and 6am due to the heat and snuffly noses, I'm started to wilt a bit too!!!

Huzz asked if I wanted to sit with him in the paddling pool with a cool drink and imagine I was in Hawaii !!   I have a good imagination, but that was pushing it a little.  Still, the thought was lovely.

Have fun this weekend.


  1. great colorful obelisco!!
    have a great weekend!

  2. sitting in a paddling pool and imagining it's Hawaii - sounds a great idea! It's so hot at night - even in the North of England! (Course we aren't talking in the region of 37 degrees!! day OR night!!)

  3. That is a beautiful photo...and a lovely thought. I wouldn't mind Hawaii (no mosquitoes there!). Have a nice weekend!

  4. Did you get the rain and the clouds as well? I'm so grateful for them! (26 is perfect to me - still paddling pool weather, but not want-to-tear-my-eyes out hot.)

    Mine have snuffly noses, too - I don't get how that happened in the middle of summer.

  5. I send you cool Polish wind ... hope it will help !!

  6. What a lovely thought - how romantic. It was stifling here. Sweltered to death in London but stayed by the beach with some cool sea air today.

  7. We were talking to my husband's cousin in Breda and he was basking in the heat. But then he doesn't have two children to wake up to at 5.15am! It's all relative. Hope you cool down soon. I would happily send over some cool air - it is our coldest winter for a long time.


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