Monday, 5 July 2010

Questions, questions, questions

Lavender on a nearby street.

Usually that's what I hear from the kiddos.  Can I do this?  Can I have that?  Why not?  When, where, what etc etc etc?  Love 'em!

Anyhow, this time the questions for me came from the very talented writer, deer baby.

What's your earliest childhood memory?
I've really had to think about this.  Are they my memories of childhood, or are they stories told to me about my childhood?  I remember standing in the garden with my sister having our photograph taken with fresh cherries (doubles) hanging from our ears like earrings.  I still do that now when I come across a double.

What's your greatest weakness? - interpret how you want.
Biscuits / cookies.  If I have any in the house, I can hear them calling 'eat me, eat me'.  Especially if they are Digestives.

What's on your bedside table right now?
My bedside table right now is a shambles (I cannot possibly post a photograph!).  I've been looking at it all week and promising myself to give it a good sort out.  First I have a pale green and cream lamp from Ikea.  A small glass dish from a trip to Turkey many years ago filled with a ring, 2 plasters, my Huzz's business card (?), and a feather (from the pillow).  A lilac Penhaligons make-up bag filled with my nail polish bottles.  Two books - 'Thee Cups of Tea' by Greg Mortensen and 'Dreams from my Father' by Barack Obama.  A tub of Body Shop almond oil hand rescue cream.  This months British Vogue.  A photograph of Luca and I on a carousel in San Francisco, and photograph of smiling Ruby.  Sounds a little crowded doesn't it?  Now I'm spurred on to clean it up this week.

Do you have a life plan?  
Well  its more of a life hope really.  To live by the coast in a house with a balcony overlooking the sea.  Ideally in a much warmer climate or in the US (Florida or Oregon).

Sweet or savoury?
Absolutely savoury.  But I do love a combination of the two together.  Nuts and chocolate.  Crisps and chocolate.   Munch munch.  

And now I have to pass this onto 5 more bloggers with my own questions.

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Here are 5 questions for you, should you have the time and wish to join in.
1. What's your favourite season?
2. Best holiday/vacation you've ever had?
3. Would you consider any form of cosmetic surgery?
4. Do you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share?
5. If you won a million (euros, pounds, dollars etc) what would you do?

Enjoy the week ahead.


  1. Did MY homework miss! Thanks for the tag.

  2. Thanks for the tag. i popped my Meme cherry just for you. :-)

  3. I liked reading this. 'Life hopes' is such a good expression :-)

  4. Loved your answers - especially the cherries. It's true what you say about the childhood memories thing. Are we only remembering because we have been told and sometimes because there is a photo? We have a photo of me on a blanket with a golf club - I swear I can remember it but I can't possibly. It must be the photo.

    Your bedside table sounds perfect - mementoes, books and photos.

    You can't beat a good digestive I always think. Or Rich Tea. Simple is sometimes best.

    Thanks for doing it!

  5. Chips and chocolates? I hope you mean crisps and chocolate... :)

  6. Digestive biscuits! I've been reading about them in British novels my whole life, it seems, and have yet to taste one. And here you are, in your blog, mentioning them on my first visit.

    What exactly are they, why are they so seemingly satisfying to the initiated, and where can I come by them in Florida?

  7. Leslie - I just left a comment on your blog about the Digestives. Hope you can try some out.

    MM - Yep, crisps and choc. Yum!

  8. How lovely that you did all my research for me! I'll definitely check out that link.

  9. Oh Victoria, you got me on this one!! Great questions. I am going to have a good think on these. I can easily handle 1-4. The last one will be very interesting indeed! Many thanks for thinking of me. I look forward to responding !! It may not be for a few days...but I will get there, I promise!


  10. PS..your answers to the above questions sound very familiar...especially the crisps and chocolate part. How can one possibly have one without the other? :)

  11. I always enjoy the getting to know bloggers posts. My bedside table is where I put everything 'important' and consequently is constantly full to bursting!

  12. This was fun! Meme's like these are a fun way to get to know a bit more about bloggers you read. My greatest weakness must be cake. Sadly, I have a very easy recipe for cake. If only it was just a bit more hassle then I wouldnt make it so often... :)

  13. I'm more of a savoury tooth as well. If I have the choice between a smelly cheese and crackers and a slice of choc cake, I definitely go for the smelly cheese!

  14. I have 'Three Cups of Tea' on my bedside table too...half read. I must pick it up again!
    Thank you for the tag. X


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