Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Corner View 'Saturday'

This Saturday my super son Luca earned his orange belt at Judo.

We estimate that at this rate in another 5 years he'll get the black belt.

Go Luca Go.

Just don't try any moves on me!


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  1. congratulations to your son.
    my girls just watched Karate Kid and now they want to some sort of karate.

  2. Kung Fu Luca!! Good for him! Sonny gave it up after the first stage. Curses!

  3. that is a very happy smile!!
    yay for Luca!!

  4. Congratulations and good luck in the World Cup final. I was really hoping for a Holland/Germany game, but I guess Spain had what it took today. So here it to Orange!

  5. Yayyyyyy! Congrats! We love belt promotion days in this house too.

  6. proud mum you rightfully are! :)))

  7. Wow ! Bravo Luca ! That's a great Saturday ! We are all proud of you ! especially me... because martial arts are an entire part of my idea of education !


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