Wednesday, 4 August 2010

interior wish list

I keep day dreaming about new pieces of furniture.  Things I would love to have in my home.  They are on a kind of 'wish list' of mine for when we have a house with some more ground floor space.

Firstly, I would love an original Castiglioni Arco lamp.  The shape, and the simplicity of it, the solid marble base, a perfect addition to the living room, or for over my desk whilst I'm blogging.

I also fancy a big zinc topped kitchen table.  I've spied a few recently, and can see one in my future kitchen with me sitting at it, reading, coffee in hand, doors open to the garden.  Dream, dream, dream.

A big French armoire to keep my growing collection of icecream dishes, cocktail glasses, cake stands etc in.

A revamped staircase.  Actually we are already working on this one.

Anythng on your interior wish list?


  1. I adore that lamp too. The staircase is fabulous.
    Great wish list! Mine is so long I don't think there's enough room to post it :-)

  2. I love the french armoire! I am dreaming of new cabinets and counter tops for my kitchen.

  3. Love that lamp - perfect.

    We have a massive slate topped table rather like that zinc one but it's so big we have to inch round it. Nice though.

    Wish list? An Eames chair in brown leather, a massive sofa to snuggle on, and a garden!

  4. I've been on the lookout for a big French armoire forever it seems. How are you, Victoria? Missed you in the last couple of weeks.

  5. I like your wish list but I'm content with my content.

  6. I once had that lamp. It disappeared in something that is known as my personal Tsunami now.
    I am firstly wishing for a bigger house. No chance to squeeze in another spoon into that one. MMx

  7. I love the zinc table! I will add to the list with a request for dinner plates, and nice bedding :^)

    Hope your wishes come true!

  8. These are all beautiful furniture! My favorite is the zinc topped kitchen table!! Love it!

  9. I think I'ld like to have some of these things in my home... even if I'm like Don... happy with the things I got ;)

    but, this French armoire...

  10. ohhh so many fun things on your wishlist!!! I think a place of my own with my soon to be hubby would be a good start hehe my parents basement is lovely and all but you know what I mean :) Oh and a kitchen with natural light for lovely photos :) hehe xoxox

  11. Right now I would die to have a dedicated office space!


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