Tuesday, 17 August 2010

a taste of eden

We visited the 'Eden Project' in Cornwall.  So worth a day out if you are down this way.

I was a little worried that the kiddos would be bored out of their little minds trudging around the Biomes looking at all the plants, but there were fantastic summer activites going on, fun water games, den building, fire making, fruit juice cocktail experiments, story telling.  So the kiddos were sorted, and Huzz and I enjoyed taking turns around the huge domes, admiring the amazing flowers, herbs, cactus, exotic fruits and vegetables and other plants. And its not just the Biomes that are the attraction.  The gardens and planted meadows throughout the grounds, and the sculptures are excellent too.

The largest 'conservatories' in the world house a Rainforest with the climate of Malaysia, West Africa and  South America, and the Mediterranean type climates of Italy and Greece, California and South Africa.  The smell, heat and atmosphere of each Biome was spot on.

I read the Eden Project book ten years ago, when the project first opened, and it has been on my wish list of places to visit ever since.  So pleased we made it there.  Here are a few photos to enjoy.

And a great gift shop too.  Fully stocked with Fair Trade, organic foods, candles, plants, toys, Cornish products, books and stacks more.  Far to easy to spend a few GBPs at the end of our great day here.


  1. Sounds wonderful and looks wonderful! Great photos. Glad the kids enjoyed as well. L xx

  2. Wonderful photos and by the looks of things, wonderful weather. Just back from Oz and heading to the UK soon, so hope the weather holds!

  3. Oh - I would LOVE to visit there. How fuN!

  4. I would really love to go there one day. I think Jarvis Cocker from Pulp is doing something with them. Not sure what.

    Beautiful photos.


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