Monday, 13 September 2010

late bloomer

Our one and only sunflower finally bloomed in the lovely September sunshine on Saturday.  A honey bee stopped by to make the most of the last taste of summer.


  1. She's gorgeous! That is so cool btw:) A ray of sunhine in the early fall! x LZ

  2. What a perfect way to say goodbye to summer!

  3. Sunflower standing tall to greet the autumn sun - very nice. Last summer we had a lone sunflower too; it was "planted" by a Bluejay in our backyard.

    Wonderful photos. Cheers~

  4. Sometimes it's the late bloomers that make the greatest impressions!

  5. Gorgeous Victoria, you have sunshine!
    Lovely photos.

    Jeanne :)

    PS...many thanks for your lovely birthday wishes Victoria, always wonderful to hear from you!


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