Tuesday, 14 September 2010

greek weekend

Crete, 2007

Don't get too excited.  I wasn't whisked away to a Greek island for the weekend.  I'm talking Greek food here.

Friday evening I went out with a group of friends for a Greek meal.  We ordered a huge selection of dishes and shared them all between us.  A nice way to try something new instead of sticking with an old favourite.  A couple or 3 glasses of red wine made a good start to the weekend.  I avoided the Ouzo - terrible memories of that from Greek island hopping days years back!  No plates were harmed on the evening either!

And then I got a taste for those lovely rich flavours and decided to make Moussaka for Saturday evening.  I don't make this too often, but always revert back to the first recipe book I purchased years back - Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course.
I did also keep on hand a new Greek food recipe book I received as a gift last year.  Vefa's Kitchen is a fantastic comprehensive bible on Greek food.  There wasn't a huge amount of difference between the two recipes, although Vefa's is I'm sure the more authentic of the two and definitely richer and more calorie laden!

Delicious with a green salad and glass of red.


Saturday was beautifully sunny and we ate lunch and dinner in the garden.  Sunday it just rained all day!  That's September in NL for you.

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. OMG That Delia book is my bible.. how funny. Also the Good Housekeeping one from the same era.

    Years ago I ran away to Greece and ran a bar in Kavos in Corfu. sigh... (before it was totally revolting I may add)

    Yummy food.

  2. looks delicious. you are so good.


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