Tuesday, 14 September 2010

do you Rue?

I don't yet, but I will soon!

I do love an interiors magazine.  It was a sad day when Domino folded (although a version of Domino can now be found online at Brides.com.

Anyhow, whilst blog surfing today, I came across the gorgeous Plush Palate blog and I discovered that along with talented and stylish bloggers at City Sage, Live Creating Yourself and Sacremento Street, these 4 ladies will be launching what looks to be a fabulous interiors magazine in 2 days time.   Yes just 2 days.  Can you imagine how exciting (and busy) that must be?


'Rue' magazine promises to give great decorating ideas, fashion, interiors and styles to make your own.   More gorgeous imagines to drawl over and dream of.  Can't wait.


  1. it looks great...but i probably shouldn't have looked at this post for my magazine addiction is spiralling out of control!! actually i am trying to be good and cut down on the more mainstream monthlies...they all seem to recycle articles and do so many celebrity driven covers/stories that i'm getting a bit fed up! today though i have gone a bit subscription crazy and ordered a new one called anthology http://anthologymag.com/blog3/issues/ along with the wonderful 3191quarterly. i am now off to investigate rue. thanks for the nod (although my purse is groaning!) x

  2. I have signed up for the newsletter and got a sneak peak in my mailbox today. Gorgeous cover!!!

    Looking forward to see the whole magazine.

    Greetings from Germany,

  3. I must not buy any more interiors mags. Repeat. I must not buy any more interiors mags.

    It looks nice. One more wouldn't hurt surely?

  4. Ooh. I'm looking it up immediately. @DeerBaby - one more never hurts. That's the rule!

  5. i´m addicted to living etc. p.s. i just got my pedlars catalog in the mail. thanks! :)

  6. Great find! Thanks for posting this!


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