Monday, 20 September 2010

tastes of the weekend

It was hot in the kitchen this weekend.  We had bit of a cooking frenzy going on.  Maybe its the change in season and the chill in the air?

For Saturday evening dinner we made our favourite seafood risotto.  This has become a staple recipe for us.  Its based on this Jamie Oliver recipe, but with changes to the seafood depending on how we feel and what's available.  Always wonderful.

On Sunday, Huzz tried out a new recipe from Jamie's America book - Chilli Cheese Cornbread.  Just the right amount of cheeseyness and a little hot kick (Huzz forgot to deseed the chillis, but it wasn't too hot at all).  We had lunch a little later so we could eat this warm from the oven.  Delicious!

PS - I heard that Jamie Oliver has become a father for the 4th time.  He now has a son named Buddy, to go along with his 3 daughters (Poppy, Daisy and Blossom).  Some male company at home finally!

And then I made Banana Bread from Miss Dahls' Voluptuous Delights.  I often tinker with the recipe a little, adding raisins or dates.  Today I added some chopped date and nut bars that Huzz had bought back from Jordon.  A slice of this will be perfect with my cups of tea this week.

Looks like some extra cycling or fitness class might be necessary now!

Hope had a good weekend.


  1. Yummy... I rarely bake sweet things although I always crave something sweet with coffee... I must have a go.

  2. Mmm I love cornbread. Haven't made it for years though, might have to make some this week.

  3. Ha - you were commenting while I was reading. I have to stop having the ice creams, so I sympathise.

  4. Yum! Can I come over next time you're planning a cook-up?

  5. so lovely to find your blog via a comment on paula's blog two ellie (one of my daily reads). this cornbread looks divine. i love a little heat to mine too.

  6. This cornbread sounds like heaven. I'll need to try that recipe (I love Jamie Oliver's cookbooks). I'm so thrilled to have stumbled upon your delightful blog.

  7. Big fan of Jamie in our house and so pleased for him with the arrival of little Buddy. We tried to go to his restaurant this weekend but it was all booked up. Boo! These all look delicious.

  8. Oh, it looks delicious!! Great shots! We haven't tried these... we'll give them a go!


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