Friday, 17 September 2010

friday fashion love

I normally leave the fashion blogging to the experts.  I love clothes, fashion and style, but I'd rather leave it to those really in the know to tell you about the hippest newest styles around.

But whilst over at Forty Not Out today, I saw photographs from the Michael Kors Spring 2011 collection shown at New York Fashion Week.  Gorgeous.

If I had the cash, these would be on my shopping list for next summer.  Here's hoping that some of this simple, luxurious style filters down to the masses!



Photos c/o

For now, I will stick to sorting out my autumn and winter wardrobe, as spring 2011 seems a long way off


  1. There are some gorgeous pieces aren't there. *Sigh*
    I especailly like the skirt on the top right photo....lovely. :0)

  2. Oh, the top two are beautiful!! I'm loving seeing all the new collections!

  3. totally with you, great fashion! love is carefree flwoing appeal

  4. yup, that is really great. and even if we cannot afford it, it does inspire :)

  5. they all look so comfy. right up my alley.

  6. beautiful!!! i love the flowy feel of the second to last one and bright yellow!


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