Sunday, 10 October 2010

weekend watch

Sunday evening has arrived all too soon for me.  I could do with an extra day (and night's sleep) this weekend to be honest.

Here's a recap....

After dinner on Friday evening, with Ruby wrapped up in her PJs and bathrobe, and Luca armed with a bag of popcorn, just as the daylight was dimming, we all jumped in the car to drive the  'Lichtjesroute' (Light Route) here in Eindhoven.

A little background for you.....

On 18th September 1945, Eindhoven was liberated by the Allied Forces from occupation during WWII.  On this day the people of Eindhoven lined the route that the Forces took through the city with candles and lights.

Every year, since 1984, from 18th September to 10th October, 22km of streets throughout the city are decorated with light displays across the roads, on lamposts and trees.  Small neighbourhoods are transformed into wonderul attractions, lit with many different themes from planes and parachutes, a big-top circus with animals, key landmarks from around the city, Smurfs, flags, windmill and lots more.  More than 200,000 people tour the route on foot, bike and cars to admire and enjoy the light displays that change every year.  Entertainment is provided by a team of volunteers, handing out sweets and playing music etc.

A great tradition in Eindhoven, but more importantly a wonderful way to remember,
and to say thank you.

After Luca's tennis lesson on Saturday morning, and a little fitness for Huzz and I, we headed straight to our favourite pancake house in the middle of the countryside.  The sun shone and the kiddos played in the garden and on the trampolines (before pancakes were eaten!) and they loved seeing the rabbits, donkey, pony and goats too.  We picked up a huge pumpkin and 8 different gourds for sale outside someone's home, and they are now decorating our front step and fireplace.  Now I really feel autumnal.

Saturday evening was spent eating way too much Mexican food and drinking many Margaritas (mixed by my own fair hand!) with a group of friends.  We were celebrating our lovely friend N's recent move into her new flat and the start of a new life for herself and her son after a difficult few years.  Wishing you wonderful times ahead N.

And so onto this morning....   After I arrived home around 1am, Huzz had to leave at 6.30am for trip to Abu Dhabi.  An early wake up which I could really have done without!  Of coure, the kiddos we're up and about at 7am and any dreams of a lazy Sunday (and of course they really were dreams) flew out the window! 

My usual Sunday swim wasn't so appealing this morning that's for sure. I sat in the sauna instead (bliss) whilst Luca had his judo class and Ruby played in the creche.  Bike rides this afternoon to see some of the Eindhoven marathon, feeding the ducks, a visit to a nearby farm and an icecream, made the most of the sunshine.

And now a little evening blog surfing, before the week begins again.

Hope you had a good one.  Anything to share?


  1. Victoria,
    Sounds like you had a enjoyable and restful weekend!
    We are just back from a trip overseas with a houseguest.
    Sports, shopping, lunch and dinner out and antique show
    and a little blogging to end the weekend!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week :))

    Jeanne x

  2. Sounds like an eventful but very fun weekend! Those are the best. Wishing you deep rest tonight!


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