Monday, 15 November 2010

at home

The past four weekends we've been out to dinner every Saturday evening, and this weekend it was Friday evening, to celebrate a friends 40th birthday.  All have been lovely and fun and there was no way I was turning any of the invitations down - life is not always this social !!

But this Saturday we were home and I soooo enjoyed just hanging around the house most of the day.  The rain had been lashing down for 3 days almost non-stop (the worse kind of weather for me).  Saturday I made a big spaghetti bolognese, enjoyed a couple of glasses of red wine, lit candles and had lovely wood fires for us to stay warm and relaxed in front of.   Home sweet home.  There's nothing like it.

(apologies for the poor iPhone photograph - Huzz wasn't around do do a professional job!)

Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. me too !
    ours is also made of bricks painted white (but a different type)
    have a cosy day by the fire :)


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